Luxury is not only a way of life, but something you deserve.

Scarzza (a portmanteau of scarpa , Italian for shoe, and sprezzatura) is an innovative luxury footwear brand, which provides you with customizable, elegant, and comfortable shoes that are handcrafted in Italy.

After all, it is a common belief that your shoes are key to positive first impressions. Well, Scarzza is here to help you assert your grandeur . As our shoes are directly sent to you from our manufacturer, there’s no need to think twice before investing in your style.

We invite you to step into il mondo di Scarzza.


Modern, sophisticated, casual: the style trifecta every person covets.

Fashion is trendy. Style is timeless. Our mentality revolves around the idea that you do not necessarily need to care about fashion to care about style. Your style is a glimpse of your identity—an unspoken statement. Scarzza’s mission is to help you curate your style, honour your individuality, and face the world with panache. You see, our custom, handcrafted Italian footwear does the talking for you.

At Scarzza, sprezzatura is etched in our DNA.

sprez·za·tu· ra ˌspretsəˈt (y) o͝orə/ noun

Studied carelessness, especially as a characteristic quality or style of art or literature.

A word coined by the sixteenth-century courtier Baldassare Castiglione, it’s a kind of studied graceful nonchalance that has become characteristic of sophisticated style. Casual elegance ,which may initially be seen as a paradox is, in fact, a lifestyle —a philosophy synonymous with dandies worldwide.


The Scarzza team travelled high and low to the various tanneries and ateliers across Italy in quest of the finest leathers and master craftsmen to create elegant footwear specialized just for you.

Our path led us to the charming Montegranaro : the shoemaking capital of the world. Amidst a mountainous area filled with classic medieval architecture, lies this small city, which embodies tradition as footwear production has been its driving force for the last 300 years and counting. We knew that our DNA matched.

The Scarzza collection is one-of-a-kind. Each shoe is handcrafted by artisans with decades of experience and a lifetime of passion for the art of shoemaking. By solely using prime materials, sourced within Italy and France, our high-quality shoes are crafted with finesse through every step of the process.

We take pride in offering shoes that catch the eye. Donning a timeless work of art, our products allow you to leave your mark. We are capable of making this a norm for a special group of people—those who value true craftsmanship.


Scarzza Today

Our customization feature is designed to give you the freedom to express your personal style and cater to your needs. The 360-degree view allows you to view every angle of your design and create what will soon be your most cherished pair of shoes yet.

This is simply that final touch you didn’t know you were missing. We’re here to help you kick your look up a notch.

The Future of Scarzza

At Scarzza, we like to keep things moving. Our team is currently developing a method that will enhance your footwear shopping experience with us. We can’t reveal too many details, but here’s a hint: made-to-measure within the comfort of your own home...or anywhere!

Get ready for even more flair.